Paranormal Investigators

The year is 2066. AISP have been fighting a war against the plague of ghosts, spirits and other paranormal creatures unleashed by a group of psychic terrorists for almost forty years. Jackie and Lorna are just two of the agents who tackle paranormal disturbances, in a world that is full of them. One year ago, Jackie made an agreement with one of the most feared spirits: The Green Knight. A commitment to an exchange of blows. Now her time is up.

Paranormal Investigators is a brand new webcomic, launched May 2016. You can read it on tapastic, on LINEwebtoon or follow the Paranormal Investigators tumblr for regular updates.

The Legend of Eider Penmagli

The Legend of Eider Penmagli is thus; a long long time ago, a great evil rose from beneath the mountain. But that evil was vanquished. Nowadays, a thriving village sits in the shadow of the mountain. In it live Rhianwen and Constance, who live ordinary lives. Except for one thing. Magic still lingers, a legacy from all those years ago. A gift they both can harness, using it for the benefit of the whole village. But Constance has bad dreams, and Rhianwen worries about the danger that may be lurking in the future. The morning is fresh and clear. A blessing is said. And today will be the same as any other.

A 24 page comic about magic and mystery and small town life, The Legend of Eider Penmagli debuted at MCM London Comic Con 2015.

Please click on the images to have a closer look and scroll through.

Ms. Hood

Ms. Hood is a project I worked on for Dawn of the Unread, and was written by Aly Stoneman. It is a modern day reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend, seen through the lens of the titular Ms. Hood. It can be read here.

Think Up

Think Up is a short comic self published in 2014. It tells the story of three psychics; Clemency Ellison, Adelaide Callaway, and Victor Wallace, and their dissatisfaction with the government and struggles with their own powers. Antony Esmond called it "a really welcome surprise in writing and art."


Loot is a 1964 play by Joe Orton. It's a black comedy farce, detailing the misadventures of Hal and Dennis who have just robbed a bank, Fay McMahon who is on the lookout for husband number eight, and Inspector Truscott who is determined to catch them in the act, all whilst Hal's father, Mr McLeavy, attempts to safely bury his wife.

You can read Loot online here.

Maude Clare

Maude Clare is a poem written by Christina Rossetti which I illustrated into a twenty-four page book. It details the wedding day of Nell and Thomas, and what happens when Thomas's old lover Maude Clare shows up, intent on making Nell jealous.

Maude Clare can now be read online.